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USB Volume Knob Arduino Tech and Diy electronic projects

USB Volume Knob Arduino Tech and Diy electronic projects


Introduction: USB Volume Knob

Picture of USB Volume Control and Caps Lock LED - Simple, Cheap, Extensible

Little. Knobby. Different. Better.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Arduino and Android based Universal IR Remote Control

Clap Switch Circuit Electronic Project Using 555 Timer

USB Volume HID Final Board

Another update on µVolume USB volume control project by Rupert Hirst of RunAwayBrainz, we covered it previously:

Rotary Encoder for ATS Transceivers

How to Build a Self-Balancing Autonomous Arduino Bot

Stereo audio amplifier with digital volume control

Premiere Pro Control Dial DIY | Video Edit Wheel | Arduino Leonardo Project | How to make

Wiring diagram

Home Automation - How to Add Relays to Arduino. Diy ElectronicsElectronics ProjectsArduino ...

µVolume USB Volume Control Project

Here's how you can make a MIDI controller with an Arduino - Electronic Products

PowerFake Knob Controller

Rotary Angle Sensor Module Light / Volume Control for Arduino - Blue

Rotary Encoder + Extras ...

HID USB Keypad

Smart Phone Controlled Bluetooth FM Radio using Arduino and Processing

How to make a TRINKET USB Volume Knob @ The Adafruit Learning System

Built-in:{ 12x LEDs; 1x buzzer; 1x button; }

Last time I have posted about how to control the LC75341 IC using arduino nano. And I also posted about how to modify the bass response of the LC75341 IC.

Example: Rotary Encoder Volume Control | Pro Trinket Rotary Encoder | Adafruit Learning System

Part 2: HID USB Mouse

Here's a cheap way to build ...

Introduction: Simple DIY Volume Control Knob!

Adafruit Trinket compatible µVolume USB Media Control PCB

fully mounted relais PCB

A Teensy microcontroller board

[Review] Volbox - A simple audio volume control knob for anything - YouTube

RFID USB Reader Fritzing Diagram

One Response to “DIY USB volume knob”

Arduino Prototype

Digital volume control for left and right speakers

32-Channel Servo Motor Control Driver Board for Arduino Robot Project

You can control parameters such as Bass, Treble, Volume and gain through its digital serial data transfer.

... in windows using the V4.36 Singxer-driver on the Skysong-XMOS-USB in sample rates above 16/44 i wanted to use the onboard-HW-volume control, ...


Adafruit Trinket - Mini Microcontroller - 5V Logic ...

µVolume USB Volume Control Project _2

The tiny Arduino IDE ready, usb and mobile dev board and ecosystem - cheap enough

Attiny2313 & Attiny84 V-USB Media Volume Control

Regulator connection to an external potentiometer

USB Volume Knob Wiring

Main features:

Program your Arduino with an Android device over Bluetooth HC05.

Some of the most remarkable parts of the 4G's TOP shield are:

Voice Module Serial Control 10 Channel Trigger 3W Amplifier USB Direct Update Flash

AUDIOPHONICS CS3318 - Module contrôle de volume 6Ch Arduino

Teensy USB Shortcut Button


Arduino Projects Volume 1

A view on the quad volume control circuit

Build an Arduino Controlled Power Outlet - DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Controlling a Light Bulb

My boards

The current codebase is just a shell - it displays some guff on the LCD screen. It also supports events that can trigger volume up/down and input source ...

Arduino IR Remote Control

Article Featured Image


The Arduino USB Host Shield allows you to connect a USB device to your Arduino. Overview; Tech Specs; Documentation

MightyWatt: 70W Electronic Load for Arduino 1

Figure 1. The radio receiver schematic (Full sized schematic here)

Arduino Touch Screen Music Player and Alarm Clock Project - HowToMechatronics

... DIY: Arduino xbee remote control, now stays in sync | by linux-works

Teensy 3.1

I had prototyped a version of the TV remote on a couple breadboards for testing. I wrote some C++ code along-side using amazing arduino libraries like, ...

Fritzing diagram of button Pro Mini and SSR kit hooked up

Digital and Analog Arduino Example

Arduino Projects & Tutorials

Photoshop mock-up and progress photos


I wanted a better computer to radio interface than what I was using, straight connection from the computers audio jacks. Being unemployed for awhile, ...

Building a 'high-end' USB audio DAC

Making Connections: Building a USB Footswitch

The ...

Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius

How to Build a Cloud Lamp with Sound Reactive Lightning cloud lamp wiring diagram

Adafruit Products Trinket Clear Products 1500 Orig

Writing Arduino code for the Teensy